Rainy days in Austin don’t happen frequently. In an attempt to finish my pinterest to-do list, I stayed home alone tonight, turned on some Downton Abbey and did two rainy day projects. The lanterns were so easy I think I’ll start giving them as gifts. Each one totals to about $5 per jar. LOVE.

The first one was custom lanterns/candle holders using:

  • glass candle holder or mason jar, smooth
  • frosted spray paint, or etching paint (both can be found in stained glass section of craft stores)
  • squeeze bottle of fabric paint if you want your own handwriting
    sticker letters from the scrapbooking section of craft stores…font of your choice


Clean jars of dust and labels

Stick letters onto the jar spelling out a phrase, be sure they are completely pressed on. If you are using puff paint make sure the letters are completely dry by the next step

Spray with frosted glass or paint with the etching paint

let dry for 20 minutes and peel off letters

ta da! SO easy and SO pretty, if I may say so myself.

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