Batman Cakepops

The bet: where my car was parked

The wager: batman cakepops

The winner: not me…

For these guys I used the same cake as the Honeybee Cakepops. It’s a great recipe, and dairy free so my roommate can eat it!

These cakepops were done a little differently than my past pops, because I decided that the melting chocolate was getting too thick. After lots of research, I found out that shortening or paramount crystals do the job.

1) cut the edges of the cake to avoid inconsistencies in your pops. feed the extras to a friend (fluffy pet or human friend).

2) mix 1/4 cup frosting with the cake crumbs

3) roll into 1.5 inch balls and place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. refrigerate for 30 minutes, then take out and let sit for 15 minutes (the refrigerating might be pointless but it makes me feel better)

4) On 60% power, melt the chocolate with a small bit of shortening. For 1/2 bag of melting chocolates, I used a teaspoon of shortening.

5) Dip and swirl the cakepops (video to come) and set aside to dry.

6) Once the base color has dried, you can do the accent decorations with either melting chocolate and a piping tube, or royal icing.

I’d say the winner of this bet got a pretty good deal, huh?

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